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Clarify what insurance policies you have in place today!



Through our insurance management processes we:

  • Consolidate and organize all of your personal and/or corporate insurance policies.

  • Prepare a values based personal financial plan and tax and estate analysis that identifies your goals and risks within your family.

  • Prepare a continuity plan that examines risks and goals relevant to your business.

  • Examine where your new and existing policies fit into those plans.

  • We ensure the structure of your policies align with your shareholders agreement and what is important to you in your estate and legacy plan.

  • Clarify how your insurance decisions may impact continuity in the entire family, the business and ownership. Will the insurance policies achieve what you intend?

  • Implement any new insurance policies needed today.

  • We meet with you yearly to complete our LIFESMART Insurance Management Process.

LifeSmart Insurance Management Process (TM)
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"We use the Three Circle Model to help clarify the goals and risks within each group. This ensures you are making insurance decisions based on the entire system of the family enterprise."

For family businesses we use the Three Circle Model to identify the goals and risks of each of the three groups. We help you make insurance decisions that best support the continuity of the entire system. The Three Circle Model for Family Enterprise was developed by Professor Renato Taguiri and John Davis back in 1978. For more details about this model click the following link. Three-Circle Model of the Family Business System | Davis and Tagiuri (

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